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The Best Carpet Cleaning System In Edmonton

I have professionally cleaned carpet and upholstery in Edmonton, Spruce Grove and Sherwood Park many years. I use the Dry Foam Extraction Method solely. This low moisture soil extraction system is a exceptionally efficient and is a practical way to clean carpet or upholstery. “You have a better system” or “my carpets look like new” is what I’ve been hearing from hundreds of satisfied homeowners over the years since I started using this. The Von Schrader Company manufactures the Dry Foam Cleaning Equipment that I use. They’ve been in business for more or less seventy years. They politely pride themselves on their equipment having the ultimate design in low moisture soil extraction. I can tell you that I became a believer because of personal experience.

In A Nutshell, Here’s How The Equipment Works

Dry foam is placed uniformly just ahead of the brush. The dry foam helps to separate the dirt from the fibers. The very soft 150,000-bristle brush gently combs and scrubs the carpet from the base on up. The cylindrical motion of the brush pushes the dirt up to the top of the rug pile. The powerful built-in vacuum extracts the dirt-laden suds in a matter of seconds. The result is a deeply cleaned and nicely scented rug.

Here’s Why The Dry Foam Extraction System Has Yet To Be Equaled

  • The entire cleaning process is completed in one single pass. There is no need to go back over the rug with a vacuum cleaner. There are no disorganized hoses to drag all over the home.
  • The Dry Foam system cleans deeply embedded soil without harming the rug. The cylindrical brush scrubs the fibers right down to the base of the rug. You are assured that the rug is definitely tidy.
  • The cleaning solution only requires a 10% mixture of water. Less water eliminates over wetting of the carpet and backing. There is no need to be anxious about carpet damage such as browning, shrinkage, buckling, delaminating, and mildew.
  • Unlike other cleaning systems, Dry Foam detergent does not leave a gummy or waxy film that attracts dirt. It has a special anti-soiling property and a pleasing odor. It has a low PH Level and is environmentally safe.
  • The Dry foam cleaning system can actually improve the overall ventilation of a home by removing mold and mildew.
  • The equipment is gentle on rugs. No harmful compounds are released when the equipment is utilized.

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning

    The practice of carpet steam cleaning involves hot water being fed to a spray extraction tool or wand, coupled to a pump vacuum power unit. The cleaning solution is injected under pressure deep into the carpet through water jet nozzles.

    The water will then pierce through the fiber all the way down to the backing. Embedded soil will then start to loosen, and then oil and grease deposits will be easily removed, resulting to a carpet cleaner than it has ever been.

    There are a number of kinds and makes of steam carpet cleaners available on the market, ranging from small portables to the large and very powerful truck mounted units. The principle is the basically similar no matter what model you decide to utilize.

    The models that are truck mounted are designed so that only the hose and the wand are taken into the area being cleaned. These units are very powerful, delivering hot water and generating a high vacuum recovery that can be powered by diesel fuel, gas, propane, or even by the motor of the truck.

    Most carpet manufacturers, fiber producers, and professional cleaners support this method for achieving soil removal efficiency. With the current up-to-date apparatus and technology, we can honestly say that we are more than capable of high production and cleaning of carpet.

    The real disadvantage to steam carpet cleaning are the problems that are associated with over wetting and longer drying times. These can easily be solved by a skilled operator who uses equipment that is well-maintained and in excellent overall operating condition.

    Steam cleaning procedures

  • Arrange the equipment and supplies. In a pump or power sprayer you should mix the free rinsing pre-spray. In the solution tank of the extractor, mix the rinsing agent.
  • Create a floor plan if you have a lot of furniture to move.
  • Remove as much furniture as possible if you’re thoroughly cleaning the area.
  • Vacuum the carpet meticulously. If the pile is crushed or matted, use a pile brush to loosen the soils making the vacuuming more effective.
  • Pre-spray a liberal amount of the pre-spray.
  • Using a grooming tool, agitate the pre-spray deep into the fibers then let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes, making sure that it doesn’t dry out.
  • Pull out the area using a portable, truck mounted, or automatic carpet cleaner.
  • Repeat steps 5 through 7 until the whole area has been cleaned.
  • Spruce up the cleaned area, put back all furniture that was removed, then clean all equipment that you used.

  • Importance Of Carpet Dry Cleaning

    Even though a lot of carpet maintenance might seem so taxing, you’ll certainly find that it is worth it when you get several more years out of the carpets in the home. In addition, proper carpet care will keep your home looking attractive as long as you live there. It is recommended that to ensure the long life of the carpet people should get in touch with the carpet cleaning service San Jose California for the maneuvering life of the carpet in uphold way.

    There is no doubt regarding the health benefit that people may gain while selecting the appropriate carpet dry cleaning methods or the resources, as there is nothing like the feel of walking barefoot on a freshly cleaned carpet. When a carpet is installed for the first time, it instantly revamps the look of the house flooring and the walls.

    Whether it’s from stains, tears, or just general wear and tear on a carpet, you will start to notice signs of aging as your carpet gets older. However, this does not have to be the case! With the appropriate carpet care and maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your carpet looking newer for longer by hiring a reputable and professional carpet cleaning Orange County, and you’ll even be able to prolong the life of your carpet.

    The most essential things that you need to remember regarding carpet care are also the easiest things to do. First of all, you should clean up any spills as quick as they happen. This will lessen the chances of stains, and will also keep the spills from soaking too deeply into the carpet. You should also see to it that your carpet gets a dry cleaning regularly – at least once a week if you can manage it. That way, you’ll be able to keep the dirt that gets tracked onto your carpet from getting ground too far into it. You will also lessen the untidiness that occurs when there are spills.

    You should make sure that you get your carpet fully cleaned once every one to three years depending on how much wear and tear it sees during those years. For children’s rooms and other areas of the house that see a lot of wear, you may want to think about hiring professional carpet cleaners for cleaning the carpet at least once a year. For other rooms of the house, with the carpets hardly even touched, you may only need to do a full cleaning once every few years.