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Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Before installation, an unbeaten carpet care program already begins and continues on with the regular vacuuming, maintenance, clean-up and periodic redecoration efforts. It calls for utmost care to protect it against wear and tear and the other harm and damage of everyday use.

Here are some suggestions for upholding the carpets:

  • Vacuuming the carpet repetitively with a strong suction, rotating brush and tight filter will lessen the soil buildup.
  • Scrutinize the carpet before scrubbing, extracting or spotting for the fact that some carpets are very susceptible to acid type cleaners and suddenly lose their color in a great extent while other carpets are sensitive to harsh alkalis.
  • Do not smear on strong spotting agents if not required and always neutralize high alkaline or high acid cleaners after use. Utilize appropriate spotters starting with the mildest one you can find.
  • Brushing the spot is not how you clean the area. The correct method to do away with the spot is to rub it towards the middle and then compressing into the cloth by means of brush or the other tamping devices.
  • Growing quantities ahead of the suggested solution levels is not going to heighten the cleaning efficiency. It will result in having more residues left which will lead to a rapid re-soiling that thorough vacuuming also can’t eliminate. So, be careful when using the different types of detergents.
  • Since over wetting can cause brownout, adhesion problems and carpet shrinkage so see to it that you do not over wet the area in such a liberal amount.
  • After carpet cleaning, please make sure that your carpet is dried within twelve hours, otherwise mold or mildew may grow on them. Careful use of good ventilation, central heating and air conditioning systems is proven to be quite useful in the drying process.
  • The best way to get rid of a fresh Chocolate Milk spill from the light colored carpets is to use a product entitled–Simple Green (It is non-toxic).
  • If you clean your carpets appropriately, you’ll be surprised at how long they can actually last. The frequency of cleaning the whole thing will all depend on the weather and traffic. Typically, once a year will suffice for carpets in light traffic regions; in normal traffic areas, once in six months and in heavy traffic areas once in a month of cleaning is necessary.

    Tips On Cleaning Up After Pets

    From their dirty paws, scattered furs on upholstered furniture, unfriendly odors to their occasional mishaps and accidents, cleaning up after our home pets is no easy feat.

    To keep your home clean and free from most of these common problems, the experts at Merry Maids suggest the following tips for pet owners.

  • Diminish the mess: Cleaner pets signify a cleaner house. Bathe and brush your pets frequently to reduce the number of pet hair and litter and also to remove unwanted odors. Make sure to have a lint brush or damp sponge easily accessible to quickly pick up loose hair.
  • Taking out pet hair: Use a vacuum with a good beater brush or brush roll to remove pet hair on carpets. On the other hand, for upholstery, it is better to use velour brushes, tape rollers or even the sole of a clean tennis shoe and remove the fur using light, even strokes.
  • Lifting stains: Dilute spots using a damp cloth, then clean the area with one quart of water mixed with one teaspoon white vinegar. Cleaning liquids from your local pet store or grocery are also effective in lifting stains and odors. Be sure to follow the label instructions and allow them to work for the full amount of time indicated.
  • When your pet has an uneasy stomach, make sure to clean up these accidents immediately, as the acidity can leave a stain on your carpet. Manage the affected area using a professional carpet detergent and rinse well with clean hot water. Remove the soiled materials away from the carpet.You can also take the help of Alberta carpet cleaning professionals.

    Tips For Cleaning Lawn Furniture And Other Household Items

    Lawn furniture is a perfect addition to any yard, especially if it’s quite big. It can consist of anything that you would find inside your home. Practically speaking, you could make another living room right in your own backyard. A bench, which is one of the most popular types of lawn furniture, could be used like a couch while other chairs strategically placed could surround a wooden centerpiece coffee table.

    There are those families who love to dine outdoors like for example, for an afternoon barbeque. For them, an umbrella covered table with matching chairs is a terrific suggestion. The umbrella serves as a shield from the blazing heat of the while the seating offers a comfortable place to enjoy lunch. Swings are equally popular among the nature lover who is simply satisfied by enjoying all of the beauty that nature has to offer. From a bird trotting through the grass or a honey bee bouncing from one dandelion to the next, an outdoor swing can be the ultimate front row seat getting the best value for your money.

    In order to keep your lawn furniture looking maintained and polished, these are a number of suggestions that will make the art of cleaning lawn furniture much simpler.

  • Lawn Furniture Tip # 1
    Many commercial cleaning products are designed to be used as furniture polish, but there are people who suffer from allergies that are sensitive to the irritatingly potent smell of such items. In addition to this, many parents are not comfortable using harsh cleaners around their children. They are afraid that the kids might get in contact with these and cause greater harm than good. A fine alternative for cleaning your lawn furniture may include a wet rag with anti-bacterial dish washing liquid being applied just before scrubbing. Be sure to rinse all the soap and bubbles away after you are done for a shiny, polished look.
  • Lawn Furniture Tip # 2
    Even outside, dirt and dust can be a problem. Rather than leaving your lawn furniture covered in nature’s gunk, take a sheet of bounce to remove any loose products. Dust is attracted to Bounce and will cling to it right away, but this will only work on material that is not stuck to the surface. Once you are through, toss the bounce in the garbage and be on your way.
  • Lawn Furniture Tip # 3
    Wanting to have a romantic dinner under the starlit sky to celebrate your fancy new lawn furniture? You might want to try having several lit candles to add to the beauty. Regular or scented candles are fine, but make sure to use a jarred product to avoid a problem with wax. Without the security of a jar or candle holder, this could be a real problem. Make sure to put out the candles after use and bring them back inside the home to avoid unexpected mishaps.