Edmonton, Alberta
Carpet Cleaners Edmonton

Pre Cleaning Preparations

Before starting cleaning your carpets, there are a few essential preparations that are necessary and that can expedite the successful completion of the entire process.

  • Remove the small items from the areas that need to be cleaned. Things like plants, area rugs, pet’s toys, etc.
  • Vacuum the areas that are about to be cleaned. This is a very important step to ensure the highest cleaning performance. For example, dry sand can be removed with a vacuum much easier than after it turns into mud. If you are unable to vacuum, we can do it for you at an additional charge.
  • Please do not pre-spot any of your stains before the cleaning process. This is our job and it is included in our cleaning job.
  • If your drapes or bed covers touch the carpet, pin them up. The moisture from the carpet cleaning may get these items damp.
  • Make sure we have a parking space in your driveway. Keep in mind that our truck is large. If you are going to leave before we complete the cleaning process please park your vehicle somewhere else. Once we are set up we have to unhook all the hoses and shut the machine down to move our van.
  • The closer we park to the door, the less hose we’ll use. The shorter the hose the stronger the vacuum power and the faster the carpet will dry.
  • Please keep your pets secured out of the cleaning areas. We will need to keep your door open for a while and we wouldn’t want your pet to get lost.
  • If you want tables to be moved please be sure that all delicates/breakables are removed from it. Our rule is that we don’t move anything that can be broken as a result of the moving action.
  • Thank You for you understanding and cooperation.