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Bronze Package

The Bronze cleaning package is suited for vacant homes...

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Silver Package

The silver cleaning package has been designed for the furnished...

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Gold Package

Our Gold carpet cleaning package is a nine steps process...

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Platinum Package

Our platinum cleaning package is where we really get to shine...

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Optimizing Carpet Cleaning Perfection

Dirty carpets can carry their weight in soil dirt and dust mites, aggravating health conditions like allergies, asthma, respiratory problems and coughing. Moreover, the soil and dirt will wear down the carpet, damaging its fibers. But don’t despair, we can help! Our carpet cleaning services can stop these damages.

As one of the most sought after carpet cleaning companies in our field, Mighty Clean Carpet Care services are all about nurturing your environment. Utilizing a unique insight into the most common and complex features of carpet and rug cleaning, we will not only renew your carpet, but also improve your indoor health conditions! From the initial evaluation of your carpets condition, through the smallest details of the steam cleaning process, we employ a proven and disciplined approach, tailored to your specific needs.

Mighty Clean’s experts know what you expect, they know what needs to be done and most important–they know how to do it! Our carpet cleaning and maintenance services are all about nurturing our clients’ personal and working environment. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand your specific requirements and we are competent enough to meet these requirements.

Mighty Clean utilizes the latest in carpet steam cleaning devices and technology. Our services are based on hot water extraction, the method recommended by all major carpet manufacturers. By steam cleaning your carpet, the water’s heat helps eliminate harmful indoor pollutants such as smoke, dust, pet dander, mold and more. The steam reduces bad odors and removes stains from fabrics.

The amazing rotary jet extractor has revolutionized the way carpets are cleaned. With 650 cleaning passes per minute, the incredible scrubbing helps restore the original color of your carpet and make your home look cleaner, healthier and more vibrant.

Call us now, you won’t believe what we can do to your carpets!

Browse our 4 cleaning packages and choose the plan that best suits your specific needs. Given our 100% service guarantee, you can’t make a wrong choice.